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Why Work at SerenPort

Other companies like us use the same vendor as us; deploying the same systems but Serenport surpasses them when it come to repeat business and new customer acquisitions. The reason is Serenport’s workforce. Customers have a far different experience working with Serenport; we don’t just perform a job to to meet our contractual obligations. Instead, we carefully consider the best technology for the client, we create and execute the plan as seamless as possible, we do knowledge transfers to ensure that the client technical staff can handle the operations of the deployment and very importantly we continuously support the client. If you are a person who cares about customer success, we  want you to work for us. You want to work for us because when our customers are successful, Serenport is success and one of the core element of Serenport culture is to share its success with its employee.

Our Culture

Our company successful by working together and having fun together after hours.

Our Motto

We are the solution; we are your trusted technology advisors; we enable others the provide products and services to their clients and customers satisfactorily.

Working with us is awesome.

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Resume Tips

  • Use Keywords
  • Experience First, Education Second
  • Proofread, Proofread, Proofread
  • Save it as a PDF – other formats (Microsoft Word for example) may not display correctly if opened with a different version of the software.

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