Network Infrastructure

Older networks weren’t built to support the technology demands of today’s workforce. Modern converged wired and wireless technology allows you to innovate everywhere—at record speed.

Serenport builds scalable and resilient networks. Business-critical applications and unified communications demand new resilient services from networks that were originally built for data applications only. These resilient services help ensure that customers, employees, and suppliers always have access to business-critical applications.

Business continuity (high availability)

Real-time recovery, resiliency at the device level, the design level, and the network level

Network security

Access layer defense, identity-based trust, device posture assessment, pervasive security, secure management

Predictable application performance to support converged applications

Layer 2/3/4 traffic classification (QoS), IP Multicast for new applications

Operational efficiency: Automated configuration, proactive diagnostic and resolution, simplified troubleshooting.

Network Infrastructure


We design and deploy secure network infrastructure to defend against complex threats and malicious attacks, which continue to change in behavior and characteristics, is critical today more than ever. Our design model takes advantage of technologies positioned against risk and mitigate threats targeted at the infrastructure.


Service availability, reliability, and quality are critical attributes that we protect when deploying networks. A security baseline implemented within an IP infrastructure protects these attributes by:


  • Implementing a multilayered defense system
  • Controlling network-based behavior
  • Supporting visibility into network behavior

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