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Take a moment to see how we have work with other company and government agencies to enable their employees, increased customer satisfaction and self-service and make communications with their vendors easier and faster.

Steve Mandel talks about how Serenport’s disaster recovery plan provided next-day business continuity after a Con Edison steam pipe explosion destroy is office including servers, phone system and computers.
We know a picture/video is worth a thousand words, that is why we are the only mobile message vendor that empowers you to visually enrich your communication with pictures and videos; all for the same low cost! Your congregation will love it! Attendance will improve.


Ellen Mandel talks about what it is like working with Serenport.


Class Cancellations? School Closures? Emergency Alerts? Important Reminders and announcement? Events? Instantly reach students, their parents, faculty and staff by using’s user friendly online MMS and SMS marketing and communication services.


Missed appointments hurting your revenue? We can help you virtually eliminate no-shows. We simply provide an easy-to-use online tool where you send appointment reminder to your patients. We help you to make sure an appointment booked is an appointment attended.



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